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Tel: 01723 360053
Our picture is captioned: After lunch Albert will crack on with his puzzle book. We see Albert's room, a combination of provided furniture and his personal effects. On a table beside his armchair, near his television, is a copy of the book titled 'Greatest Man' and  a wordsearch magazine and ball point pen.

Make our home your own

Each resident's needs are individual and specific, so each room at The Mayfair is tailored to the person. We provide much more than a room with a - frankly stunning - view. With around-the-clock care, a constantly varied menu, a wide range of activities, facilities and outings and respect for our residents independence, they choose how they want to live their lives.

Fees are calculated using a number of criteria, ranging from physical needs of the individual, the psychological needs of the individual and the room chosen or requested by the individual and/or spouse/family.

The rooms themselves range in size and position, some with a glorious view of the bay, others quiet and secluded, each furnished with as much of our resident's own personal possessions as they choose, and is practical.

We also offer a range of services, like our personal laundry service, designed to help our residents maintain their preferred balance between supervised care and independence.



The Mayfair Residential Care Home

42 The Esplanade
YO11 2AY

Tel: 01723 360053